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Filament Winding

Filament winding is a fabrication technique mainly used for manufacturing open or closed end structures. This process involves winding filaments under tension over a rotating mandrel.

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Filament Winding

Filament wound structures have been developed having the highest strength-to weight ration of any known structural material. The design criteria is concerned with fibre orientation.

Filament winding allows placing and alignment of the filaments where they are needed to give the resulting structure the required strength. Because filaments are only put where they are needed, in the quantities needed, a component of minimum weight consistent with the strength requirements can be produced. In many cases it is also possible to produce a component of complex shape as a unitary structure, whereas the same component produced e.g. by metal stamping would require a number of component parts to be formed and then welded together.
Filament winding is an established technique for producing essentially hollow, light-weight articles or components with a stiff, rigid skin. Components made by this technique are generally those which have a constant cross-section, such as pipes. Filaments, strands or tows impregnated or coated with thermosetting resin are wound tightly around a mandrel or former, and allowed to cure or set to form a hard skin. The technique has the ability to produce components of low weight and high rigidity. In order to achieve the desired low mass and low inertia in the finished article, the mandrel is removed after the resin has set, to leave the article in its final, hollow condition.

Material and Layup Information

The cylinder has the following dimensions and layup:
- Thickness: 5mm
- Layup: o 90deg (0.4mm), o +-75deg (4.2mm), o 90deg (0.4mm)

Fiberglass Epoxy Tubing Specifications

Constructed of fibre reinforced thermoset epoxy resin, fibreglass epoxy tubing is a lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistant material that can replace carbon steel, chromed steel, stainless steel, aluminum or brass in a variety of applications.

Excellent Strength-to-weight Ratio
One-fourth the weight of steel and 25 percent lighter than aluminum, fibreglass epoxy tubing is easier to handle, shortens assembly times and reduces the stress loads on component parts.

Standard 6 Bar Pressure Rating

Test pressure of 9 Bar, higher pressure ratings can be ordered.

Superior Corrosion Resistance
Offers significant reduction in lifecycle costs due to its trouble-free performance in chemical, high-moisture, salt water and other adverse environments.

Electrical Insulator
Prevents the flow of electric current.

Transparent to x-rays, radio and television transmission
Can be used as a radome because it is not affected by electromagnetic radiation.

Shape Stability and Impact Resistance
Does not suffer from catastrophic failure, pipe will weep before bursting.

Excellent Thermal Stability
With a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, fibreglass epoxy tubing operates efficiently from -40 °C to 110 °C.

Non-Magnetic Material
Will not interfere with magnetic fields, making it ideal for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) applications
Our manufacturing process ensures a smooth, self-lubricating interior surface.

Specific Tensile Strength of various materials

E-Glass Epoxy55%
Kevlar Epoxy90%
Carbon Epoxy90%
AISI 4340 steel20%
AL 7178-T6 Aluminum20%

Finite Element Analysis of a Glass Fibre Cylinder

  1. E-glass or S-glass
  2. Carbon / Graphite
  3. Aramid
  4. Borons



Advantages of Filament winding:

Continues fibre Placement

Fiber orientation in a specific direction is possible in this process.

Precise tolerances

Filament winding method is suitable to process composite parts requiring precise tolerances

High fibre/volume ratio

High strength to weight ratio is possible to achieve with this process.


Filament winding is very reproducible in nature and the process (layer to layer, part to part)

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