Epoxy Filament Tubing

    The Alternative to Metal

    The highest quality fiberglass and carbon filaments are precisely wound at angles calculated to provide optimum stiffness and tensile strength for each application. The tubing is then machine finished to final engineering tolerances.


    The ability to make very thin-walled products in relation to their diameter

    Because various winding angles are used, an optimal balance between tensile strength, hoop strength and torsional resistance can be created. This, in combination with a high fiber tension when applying the filaments, results in a relatively thin walled product.

    Consistent product quality due to the highly automated nature of the process

    The tension of the filaments, and the resin/fiber proportion, amongst other variables, are computer controlled, to a much higher degree of consistency than a human operator could. This leads to less variation in wall thickness and straightness in the finished products.

    High amount of freedom in determining structural properties

    The orientation of the filaments is carefully controlled so that successive layers are oriented differently from the previous layer. The angle at which the fiber is laid down will determine the properties of the final product. A high angle “hoop” will provide crush strength, while a lower angle pattern (known as closed or helical) will provide greater tensile strength.

    Reduction in Weight

    Fiberglass epoxy tubing is easier to handle, shortens assembly times and reduces the stress loads on component parts.
    Degrees Thermal Stability

    Decades of filament winding

    For over twenty years
    GRP TUBING has manufactured high-grade composite tubing, aerospace structures and other specialty products with our exacting filament winding process. With a number of filament winding machines and the ability to model, prototype and manufacture at almost any scale, GRP has earned a reputation as a reliable manufacturing partner for any firm needing filament-wound structures.
    Filament winding, explained.
    Wet Winding

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