Lay-Up Manufacturing

    Hand Crafted Manufacturing

    The fibreglass hand lay-up application is extensive, such as sports, building construction, corrosion resistant products and for aerospace composites parts and structures. For these components quality and repeatability is mandatory. 

    Create Unique Composite Structures

    The lay-up manufacturing systems allow for a high degree of craft and technical virtuosity on the part of a composites technician. A skilled technician can create complex composite structures that would be much more difficult via other production technologies.

    Additionally, the technician can manually orient the fibre arrangement for optimal strength and durability. Because of its labour-intensive nature, however, lay-up is primarily suited to low-volume runs or the production of speciality composite items that would be prohibitively difficult or low-volume for filament winding or compression moulding techniques.

    Unlike filament winding, which requires a comparatively minimal level of human involvement, lay-up manufacturing involves manually stacking layers of resin-impregnated roving cloth, usually of fibreglass or carbon weave, in an open mould, and compressing them to form a stable composite product. Depending on the application, Moulds or other tooling can be used to build the outer profile, while a technician can utilise various instruments such as squeegees and rollers to force the layers together and to impregnate additional resin throughout the stack.

    Reduction in Weight

    Fiberglass epoxy tubing is easier to handle, shortens assembly times and reduces the stress loads on component parts.
    Degrees Thermal Stability

    Start Your Custom Build

    Custom Designed Products
    Resin Transfer Molded parts offer a strong, lightweight alternative to die-cast, stamped or other formed metal parts and are the preferred alternative to open moulded fibreglass processes.
    Excellent alternative to metal
    Why Choose Resin Transfer Molding?

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